Media Resellers


Label and Ribbon Resellers

We would like to partner with you and provide our printer services as a part of your company offerings. We would like to offer printer maintenance services to you, so that you can offer it to your loyal customers. When you take those service inquiries from your customers in the future, that need printer service and don’t know who to call. Now you can offer that service and provide the services for them in house. This would give you more control over media related issues. We specialize on thermal printers and coupled with your experience with the media and supplies, it would be very attractive to your customer base.

In House Printer Service

In House Service is a simple and practical approach to printer service support, You could solicit your customers and offer In House Printer Service on your rate structure. The customer sends you the printer for repair. You call us and we come to your location and diagnose the issue(s) and provide you with a flat rate labor plus parts quote. You can then provide your customer with a quote. If the quote is approved, then we will return with necessary parts, make repairs and perform tests before you return the printer to your customer. This will assure you that the printer is working properly before you ship it back.

Onsite Printer Service

Onsite Printer Service is the most convenient way to provide printer service for the customer. If your company offers onsite printer service, then we can go onsite and represent your company. We would perform all services at your discretion and all information will be kept confidential. We do not discuss media issues or prices with your customers. We do not discuss your customers or anything with anyone else. We can do this on a flat rate basis plus parts. We will not solicit your customers in any way or share your customer information with anyone. We do not sell media or supplies for thermal printers. Our focus is service only.

No Contract – Flat Rate – Affordable

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