Preventative Maintenance

Flat Rate – No Contract

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance – Annual/Quarterly

The first step in this process is to vacuum each printer and perform a thorough cleaning. Clean printers work! After a good cleaning we take the time to perform a professional inspection to look for marginal components or sub par consumables, belts, ribbons etc.. In some cases we identify problems that are just waiting to happen. Correcting the issues identified during the inspection is the point of preventive maintenance. We have found that this process frequently prevents unfortunate problems in the future.

Finally testing each printer extensively ensures that the printer is ready to perform as it was designed. This basic plan has become popular because we have frequent contact with the printers and this helps us to track the printers performance, based upon data received and documented on previous visits. Users help us by providing valuable input about how the printers have been performing since the last visit. This is a very economical approach that can  definitely extend and preserve the life of your printer. Call for an affordable quote today and, we can set up automatic scheduled quarterly visits to help minimize printer down time and maximize up time . ( No Contract – Flat Rate).

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