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Compare our rates with other service providers and I think you will be more than surprised at the low prices. When you need excellent printer service at a price below the going rate, plus 100% satisfaction guaranty, you will be glad you did. Our rates are below the average, but we are making customers for life and building long lasting relationships. We provide services for small and large companies alike. We treat all of our customers with respect and integrity. Printer service is our only focus and we specialize on the brands that we service. We keep service simple. Onsite calls require a 2hr minimum.

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  On Site Printer Repair Rates T&M 
  • Portal to Portal 2hr. minimum (onsite)
  • Desktop Thermals 75.00 hr. *
  • Printronix rate 95.00 hr.
  • IBM rate 95.00 hr.
  • Depot Rates 99.00 – 199.00 plus parts.
  • Depot Option  49.00 ( pickup and delivery) *

Flat Rate Quarterly Preventive Maintenance.  

Preventive maintenance is a proactive approach to help mitigate the usual downtime situations. The first step in this process is to vacuum each printer and perform a thorough cleaning. Clean printers work!  After a good cleaning we take the time to perform a professional inspection to look for marginal components or sub par consumables, belts, ribbons etc.. In some cases we identify problems that are just waiting to happen. Correcting the issues identified during the inspection is the point of preventive maintenance. We have found that this process frequently prevents unfortunate problems in the future. Finally testing each printer extensively ensures that the printer is ready to perform as it was designed. This basic plan has become popular because we have frequent contact with the printers and this helps us to track the printers performance, based upon data received and documented on previous visits. Users help us by providing valuable input about how the printers have been performing since the last visit. This is a very economical approach that can  definitely extend and preserve the life of your printer. Call for an affordable quote today and, we can set up automatic scheduled quarterly visits to help minimize printer down time and maximize up time . ( No Contract – Flat Rate)

Contract – Annual Maintenance Agreement

This is one type of service offered by most service providers. The  contract approach is an agreement that usually covers a printer unit for a period of time such as a year and the service provider is responsible for resolving all problems and issues , including parts. This plan is perhaps the best if the equipment is old and needs a lot of attention.

T&M – Time and Materia

This approach is a pay as you go type of service where the customer pays labor rate plus parts. Hourly rate for most desktop thermal printers is $75.00 per hour. This printer repair rate may be the best plan if there are multiple units and the equipment is in relatively good condition, and you don’t want to pay for units that need no repairs and have no problems during the coverage period.

Contract vs Time and Material ? 

What option is the best to get the most printer repair value for your equipment? Contract or T&M? It’s possible that either one may be the right choice for you. It depends on a variety of different factors. The first deciding factor is the age of the printer and how much it has actually been used. Another factor to consider is historically, how reliable has the unit been operated and maintained? Another consideration is the risk factor. Would you rather pay up front for problems that may not occur and leave that contract money on the table as profit for the service provider, like an insurance policy or has your equipment been pretty reliable and you have been paying for a contract and not realizing anything from it but peace of mind, knowing that if it broke that it would be covered? One other thing that is a big deal is how many units are being covered. If many units are covered and only a few require service then there is a significant amount of profit left on the table that could make more sense in going the path of T&M. This may be the way to get the best printer repair rates, but that would depend on a planned strategy to spread the T&M cost across many units.

The best printer repair rates are a result of analysis and planning. You may want to consider the fact that the T&M approach leaves flexibility to change service providers if things are not going well with the current service provider. Going with T&M the customer is Boss. The service provider has to earn the right to be onsite each and every time. This is a good motivating factor if your service provider has grown complacent over time and takes the business for granted. Either way, Happy Printing!

Printer Repair DFW & North Texas

Onsite or Depot Service

(972) 268-5662