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Printronix Printer Repair Maintenance ServicePrintronix Printer Repair Maintenance ServicePrintronix Printer Repair Maintenance ServicePrintronix Printer Repair Maintenance Service


We have been repairing Printronix printers since 1987. All training was completed and certifications awarded by Printronix. Clear Print Solutions Technicians are highly trained Printronix Printer Repair Maintenance Service providers.  This is one of the printer brands that we have specialized in for over 20 years. These are some of the most robust line printers on the market. The manufacturer recommends that preventative maintenance be performed on a quarterly basis.  If maintenance is done on a regular basis it will help eliminate remedial problems and allow the printer to perform as intended during your critical print time.  Clear Print Solutions can handle all your Printronix Printer Repair Maintenance Service as well as ribbon supplies. We have archived legacy firmware for some of the older models and can restore them back to life.  Firmware is discontinued for older printers as they are no longer supported by the manufacturer, but we have a large source of this firmware in backup. We provide T&M service to save you capital. This way you only pay for what we do and not an insurance against what may need repair.  Annual agreements are largely annual profits for the service provider.  If annual agreements were compared to the total service provided it would show that T&M (time and material) is less costly for the user. Pay as you go with T&M is at least something to consider and analyze. These printers are fairly simple to repair and are real work horses.  Clear Print Solutions Printronix Printer Repair Maintenance Service , serving Dallas – Ft Worth and all of North Texas. Call us for a quote today.

Contract – Annual Maintenance Agreement

This is one type of service offered by most service providers. The  contract approach is an agreement that usually covers a printer unit for a period of time such as a year and the service provider is responsible for resolving all problems and issues , including parts. This plan is perhaps the best if the equipment is old and needs a lot of attention. We can offer annual maintenance agreements through our partner company. Please call for quote.

T&M – Time and Material

This approach is a pay as you go type of service where the customer pays labor rate plus parts. This printer repair rate plan may be the best if there are multiple units and the equipment is in relatively good condition.

We have an excellent record for customer satisfaction. Our technicians are dedicated qualified factory trained in printer repair and maintenance . We have 25 years experience in the printer repair field doing printer repair DFW & North Texas.  Clear Print Solutions personnel are specialized in the repair and maintenance of printers. Our technicians have a very high level of expertise in troubleshooting and repairing printers such as  IBMZebraDatamaxPrintronixPrintek , Sato HP Laserjet.  Our focus is to partner with you to make your printers perform in a way that adds profitability to your company. We service printer platforms that have a good reputation in the industry. Clear Print Solutions will provide Onsite or Depot printer repair maintenance in the Dallas – Ft Worth & North Texas area. We take pride in our work. Clear Print Solutions will guarantee all the repair work we perform!

Printer Repair Maintenance DFW & North Texas  You will have peace of mind in knowing that a highly trained printer repair specialist, using quality manufactured parts is servicing your printer at an affordable price. Let us prove to you how much we appreciate your business. Call today and let us repair or service your printer !

No Contract – Maintenance Service.  If you are interested in having the peace of mind that your valuable printer assets are being maintained on a regular basis and eliminate costly repairs and untimely down time, then you will find this to be a very affordable solution. We can customize a plan just for you based upon your particular needs and guidelines recommended by the manufacturer. One very popular option to consider is a flat rate quarterly preventive maintenance plan that includes all the printers that we cover. With preventive maintenance we can eliminate many problems by cleaning, inspection and testing. We setup and schedule quarterly onsite visits that are automatic. In this way we make frequent onsite visits and develop a history with you and with the printers. This course of action is designed to be a proactive approach to help maintain dependable and quality up time. There is  no contract involved and you choose the level of service required! For more information, please call us and discuss your printer needs.  We can create an affordable plan just for you.

Printronix Impact Models/IBM 6400

P8000 Series – New Models
P7xxx series-P7005/P7205,P7010/P7210,P7015/P7215,P7020/P7220,
P5xxx series-P5005/P5205,P5008/P5208,P5009/P5209,P5010/P5210,P5012/P5212,P5015/P5215 P6xxx series-P6040/P6240/P6080/P6280
P9xxx series-P9000/P9012
P4xxx series-P4280
P3xxx series-P3040 and even the older legacy printers P300/P600/MVP.

Printronix Laser Models

L5024/L5031, L5035/L5535, L5020/L5520, L1024/L1524 and the L7032

Printronix Thermal Models

T5xxx series-T5204e,T5206e, T5204r,T5206r,T5208e/r,T5308e/r,SL5304,SL5206,SL5306



Printronix Printer Repair Service

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Common Problems

1. Missing columns of print.

The shuttle requires cleaning and takes about an hour to clean and test.

2. False paper jams.

The printer sensors need cleaning and a full P.M. should be performed.

3. Real paper jams.

P.M. plus inspection of tractors.

4. Shuttle jam.

The shuttle should be cleaned and platen clearance verified.

5. Ribbon fault.

Ribbon hubs inspected for cracks and tightened to motor shaft.

6. Will not boot up completely.

Possible reflash firmware or main board replacement.



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