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We would like to partner with you and provide our printer services as a part of your company offerings. We would like to offer printer maintenance services to you, so that you can offer it to your loyal customers. Have you taken those service inquiries from your customers that need printer service and don’t know who to call ? We want to be your go to printer service company. We specialize on thermal printers and coupled with your experience with the media and supplies, it would be a win/win. You provide the supplies and we provide service. You dictate the terms about policy regarding your confidential customers.

On site Printer Service

On site Printer Service is the most convenient way to provide printer service for the customer. If your company offers on site printer service, then we can go on site and represent your company. We would perform all services at your discretion and all information will be kept confidential. We do not discuss media issues or prices with your customers. We do not discuss your customers or anything with anyone else. We can do this on a flat rate basis plus parts. We will not solicit your customers in any way or share your customer information with anyone. We do not sell media or supplies for thermal printers. Our focus is service only and it will not change. Rest assured that we will not use or share your customer data now or later and we will put that in writing. We just know that where resellers supply labels there is a printer that is going to need service eventually and we want to be your go to company that you can trust to repair your customers printer right the first time and keep them loyal to you. All assurances that are mentioned above are observed indefinitely even if at any time in the future you decide that our services are no longer needed for any reason. If this is something that is of interest to you then please give us a call or email. Thank You.

If you are currently looking for a printer repair company to perform on site preventive maintenance or remedial break/fix calls in this area, then we can help. Our rates are very reasonable and our service is excellent. We can represent your company as the service provider. We can provide service on a regular basis or just a single repair. If you are a reseller or corporate buyer looking for a dependable printer repair service company to take care of your customers in Dallas, Texas and surrounding cities, please contact us.

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